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Free forever



per project per month (billed yearly)



per project per month (billed yearly)




The number of users that can access your Hygraph project


Isolated sandbox environments for your project to support your development iterations


User-based permissions like admin and editor


Number of languages you can translate your content into

Content Entries

Number of content entries across all your content models, such as a product, article, page, assets, etc
1.000 25.000 50.000 1 million+

Content Models

Number of content models your project can have at a time. Each model consists of several fields based on how you structure them


Basic and Modular Components are a pre-defined set of fields to be used across multiple models

API Calls per month

Each request to your API endpoint (such as GraphQL queries or mutations) counts as one API operation
1 million (hard limit) 1 million (+ overages) 1 million (+ overages) 10 million+

Asset Traffic per month

The total bandwidth of assets you can query a month. Includes images, videos, documents, and other files
100 GB (hard limit) 500 GB (+ overages) 500 GB (+ overages) 1 TB+

Content Stages

Iterate on your draft content and publish to your destination stages. Safely continue drafting even after publishing

Remote Sources

Custom resolver entry points for your schema to programmatically source content from external REST and GraphQL APIs.

GraphQL Query API

Programmatically query content from Hygraph from a single GraphQL endpoint

GraphQL Mutations API

Programmatically populate content into Hygraph via GraphQL mutations

Image Delivery and Transformation API

Query assets from our in-built DAM and execute asset transformations on the fly


Extend the capabilities of Hygraph by integrating with your favorite tools and services

Management SDK

Use our JavaScript based management SDK to apply changes to your project via code and integrate in your CI/CD processes

Rich Editing Interface

Intuitive and clean user interface to easily manage your content

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Manage and optimize all your digital assets Hygraph. Enrich with custom metadata


Translate your content into multiple languages using the content management interface or API

Publishing per Locale

Publish the localized variations of your content individually

Input Validations

Support content creators with our input validation for cases like emails, phone numbers or custom definitions

Preview URLs

Generate preview URLs based on your content to easily preview content on all your environments

Image Editor

Edit images before uploading them to the CMS

Batch Operations

Bulk overwrite multiple content entries at once

Versioning and Version Retention

Snapshots of all your published content are stored for a certain amount of time, to let you compare and roll back if needed
30 days 90 days 365 days+

Scheduled Publishing

Publish content at a specific time and date in the future individually or bundled within a release.

Granular Webhooks

Programmatically trigger custom logic with any web service

UI Extensions

Extend the Hygraph UI to match your use case with custom UI extensions for your content needs

GDPR Compliance

All our services and vendors are GDPR compliant, with data hosted in Europe if selected

Audit Logs

Get full observability of your project and track all actions performed within Hygraph
365 days +

Custom Roles and Permissions

Custom role based access controls with model, document, field and conditional permissions

Single Sign On (SSO)

Authenticate your users to access Hygraph and log in with a single ID and password based on your internal procedures

IT Security and Legal Review

Our legal and IT security experts will provide you with all information required for your security and legal compliance

Choice of Data Centers

Host all your content in a shared data center of your choice from 9 locations. Enterprise plans have more options
Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Japan, US East, US West, United Kingdom Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Japan, US East, US West, United Kingdom Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Japan, US East, US West, United Kingdom Choose from 77+ Global Data Centers

Worldwide Content and Asset Delivery Network (CDN)

All your content and assets can be cached across 190 edge data centers around the world

Encryption at Rest

Customer content encrypted at rest with 256 Bit (AES-256)

Encryption in Transit

Default use of HTTPS/TLS to encrypt all content moving from Hygraph through public networks


Point-in-time recovery options are available on our paid plans. Additionally, offsite backups are also available as an optional upgrade on our Enterprise plans

Query Acceleration with Custom Database Indexes

Based on your most demanding queries we will optimize database indexes to increase your query performance

Dedicated Infrastructure

Get a dedicated data center to host all your content from 77 options across the globe

24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring

Our team of experts will monitor the Hygraph infrastructure around the clock

API white-labelling

Serve your Hygraph content APIs from your own domains

Support Channels

Get quick responses from our wider community, via email, or via dedicated support options
Community Community, Email Community, Email Community, Email, Phone, Dedicated Slack Channels

Uptime SLAs

Hygraph will provide you with service level guarantees for Content API availability of 99.9%

Response SLAs

Hygraph experts will provide you with a 24/7 access to professional technical support
Under 60 minutes

Customer Success Manager

A dedicated Account Manager will make sure you have a seamless experience with Hygraph

Onboarding Sessions

Enterprise customers get dedicated onboarding sessions to get their teams up and running in minimal time

Architectural Consulting

Optionally, our consultants will guide your team on best practices pertaining to your architecture
8+ hours

Data Modelling Consulting

Optionally, our solutions architects will guide your team on best practices with using Hygraph and content modelling
8+ hours

End-user Training

Optionally, our solutions engineers will work with your team on using Hygraph optimally

Implementation Partner Access

Gain priority access to our implementation partners across the world who can assist you in building your projects